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Because lack of space is a common problem among companies, we offer storage services and document management outsourcing services to all of our clients. This enables you to print in larger volumes and therefore benefit from even lower rates. Our team will not only give material pride of place, they will also track your inventory to prevent any shortage of supply.


Assisting you with your project from design to completion, MONT-ROY also handles postal delivery coordination and shipping monitoring of all your projects. This includes: kitting, packaging, routing instructions, and Canada-wide and world-wide deliveries.


To assist you in managing the logistics of your numerous printing products, MONT-ROY provides a computer tool enabling you to keep track of your inventory levels and each of your productions in real time and to make changes –wherever you are!


We can help you with the installation of: large format prints along building exteriors, visual ambiance posters, information or directions posters in sales locations. We can also set up, disassemble and store your promotional booths, promotional booths. Our qualified team can take care of all the logistics involved to make your project a success!

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